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    Not too much of a challenge though. Three of us are currently just east of the Rockies near Boulder on a prairie dog shoot. Four days of our nine day hunting trip has been in western Kansas. The remainder of the trip will be here in Colorado. Our grand prize is the camaraderie and the thousands (yes, I do mean thousands) of targets and hundreds and hundreds of successful “X’s“ LOL.

    The Kansas site was crazy. Two, 640 acre sections of prairie dog plantation. I thought they were raising the critters. Walking through the fields, the mounds couldn’t have averaged more than five yards apart. We would arrive around 8am and shoot till about 5pm only because storm clouds would start to roll in about that time and we didn’t want to get caught out in the open.

    Over the course of those four days we shot at least a hundred dogs per day apiece with only one day about half that because of ever changing winds blowing over 15 mph. This kept most of our kills inside 50 yards.

    The property owners told us as we left, it hadn’t been that quiet for a very long time and please come back. Soon.

    Today, we went to a permission site near Boulder we visited last year. When we arrived to our shooting position the P-dogs were running around like cockroaches in a greasy spoon cafe.

    The most infested area was the short leg of the “L” shape property with the short leg only a 100 yards wide and about 200 yards long. We set up a field of fire on an elevated area with about a 180 degree sweep. We were the definition of, “shooting fish in a barrel”. Tomorrow we take on the long side.

    On today’s side, in less than 30 minutes we had collectively shot well over 300 P-dogs with the majority being pups. 

    For this shoot, I decided to use my .25 Impact recently tuned by Ken Hicks of SPAW who also installed the hi-cap mag. I’m glad he talk me into the upgrade. I felt like Private Jackson in Saving Private Ryan when he was in the tower shooting German soldiers. Mark used his .25 Taipan Veteran long and Joe used his Impact .22 shooting slugs. 

    Tomorrow, we are going to another location that’s approximately 200 yards by 200 yards. We drove by this location earlier and much like the site we were at today, infestation is overwhelming. 

    Our compressor is working overtime. I alone have emptied four tins of pellets with four full tins remaining. 

    Our own Little RMAC continues. More updates as they become available. 

    Some random pics from the trip. I wish I had more but we’ve been busy shooting.




    Wow, reminds me of the old days in West Texas, 

    Now its stay off my land and if the P.D. are a pest poison works great.




    Talk about critter carnage!!  

    I'd love to try that some day.



    Nice shooting and reminds me of our ground squirrel infestation here at the dairy farms. Cant beat a place with tons of small targets to send lead at! Great post and thanks for sharing the adventure!



    Awesome post brother Dave.   Sounds like you found the "honey hole" for sure.  

    Obviously way more targets than we found in South Dakota last year.

    Since I've retired now,  I'm available anytime – give me a shout next time out….

    Thanks for sharing…..




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