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    A one year observation. I bought a RWS Diana 45 in 1984 new and still shoot it today. A year ago I got into PCP’s because the quality of rim fire ammo is so bad. Ted and Tonton Doogy got my attention with the accuracy they could get with a PCP. So I bought my first PCP a Benjamin Marauder in .25 on the advice of Pyramyd air, which I feel was excellent entry level guidance. The next step six months later was a FX Bobcat in .25 another great choice. I have found that there is a lot of similarities between the air gun world and aviation which I have worked in for over 50 years. The first is never ever buy the “A” model of anything unless you can afford the down time and extra expense to get it to work as advertised. As in the early days of aviation thing moved fast with everyone trying to one up on the competition. This leads to produces being placed in service without the manufactures really understands the ins and outs of what they created. This leaves us as purchasers hanging out there on our own. Like aviation those in the field using the produce will generally solve the problems because they lack the tunnel vision of the engineers. Manufactures sometimes discount end users solutions generally for ego reasons. The brain power in this forum is very impressive and maybe the manufactures should pay a little more attention. As in aviation some countries just lack the capability to build quality components. Working with my second replacement Np brake barrel rifle I now have identified a country that has real quality issues. The manufactures who use this country for components are off my wish list.
                                                                                                                                                                     Having served south East Asia as a pilot I have a great respect for taking care of my personal weapons. To me taking care of your air rifle is part of the air gun experience and rounds out the experience. Unfortunately the manufacturers do not have the same view with the lack of maintenance information. As in aviation any item that uses O-rings will fail, it’s not a matter of if but when. Thanks to all those who share their maintenance knowledge with us. My take on the experience. 

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