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O-rings for FX rifles in .22

Forums Other Parts, Accessories, & Equipment O-rings for FX rifles in .22

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    i have asked this question before and gotten some good answers. I need a list of O-rings for FX  rifles  I currently have a wildcat, impact, streamline, and bobcat.  All in 22  and would love to know if anyone knows O-ring sizes that commonly go bad.  I have a link to the O-ring store but have no idea what sizes to order.  Someone sent me a schematic of the wildcat once before but the ring sizes don’t correspond to the O-ring store.  Either that or I’m too dumb to figure it out. Either way if anyone has figured it out  they would be my hero! 



    First, you look at the parts diagram on FX site, here is the link to Impact:

    All orings will be metric and will specify hardness of rubber in the description, example: C38 19731 O -ring 2×1 NBR 90

    C38 is the location on the diagram, 19731 is internal part number, 2×1 means 2mm diameter and 1 mm cross section, NBR 90 means hardness, Buna 90

    So when you go to search for this oring, you go to metric-b90-orings category first, then filter by cross section, 1mm, then find outer diameter 2mm

    Also helpful post

    Hope this helps.



    Here are your O-rings for the Bobcat.

    Here is a list of  FX Bobcat Mark II O-ring sizes, quantities needed, and the parts numbers for Maryland Metric. They do not show the O-rings for .177 or the .25 but do for the .22 and .30 for the breach. 
    NBR 70
    11354      4.0×1.5              qt. 1
    10719      5.28×1.78          qt. 3
    11377      6.0×2                 qt.1
    11394      7.5×2                 qt. 1
    10721      7.66×1.78          qt. 1.
    11118     10.1×1.6             qt. 2
    11452     11.0×1.5             qt. 1
    10799     13.95×2.62         qt. 2
    11551     18.0×4.0             qt. 2
    11668     30×2                   qt. 2
    O-ring sizes for regulator is  2.9X1.78 (1)  6.07X1.78 (1)  7.66X1.78 (1)  11.6X2.4 (2)
    NBR  90
    15831     2.5×1.5                qt. 2
    15867     8×1                      qt. 1
    15687     9.3×2.4                qt. 2
    16028     28×3                    qt.1
    Barrel end 20mm x 1

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