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New FX rifle any time soon?

Forums PCP Airguns PCP Airgun – Discussion New FX rifle any time soon?

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    AoA sells an FX CF bottle for the 500. I believe it is about $300 and comes with a valve installed in it. Since the barrel has to be removed to swap bottles, you might want to call them back and have them install it before they ship to you. I had one installed on my 500 a couple of months ago. The 500 is noticeably lighter with the CF bottle and has the same shot count.



    “rwsmike”FX is not going to lower there price and thats fine  with me because i refuse to buy FX anymore. I have owned several FX airguns in the past and i find them smooth twist barrels to be very inconsistent past 50 yards…..i feel LW and CZ barrels are much better . Im sure everyone will argue with me but take 5- FX 400 of the same cal. and you will see huge differences past 50 yards.

They are doing the opposite here in the UK. Raised the Wildcat price by £150.



    i don’t no why anybody want’s to buy a unregulated gun .

    all new pcp’s are regulated !  every brand !

    In the Netherlands  ( in Europe )  all  FX royale are regulated from 2015

    The regulated ones   a FX royale 400  do 80 consistent  shots on a fill
    at 270 m/s with a18,3 grain jsb

    look at shot strings ( google it)  ( sorry, could not copy a shot string)

    royale 500 is for bigger distance   > 50 m
    FX boss distance     100 m

    so i want only regulated rifles.

    overhere i can’t find any carbon fiber bottle to replace the stock bottle.

    Royale 400/500 i haven’t found any secondhand for sale
    since august 2015
    but i want to buy a new one  ( because  i think that why sell a good one )


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