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New eagle vision 1.8 12mm lens. Is it worth it?

Forums Cameras, Videos, & Recording Equipment New eagle vision 1.8 12mm lens. Is it worth it?

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    Ok just ran into this video after watching some of his videos on the impact. I have the old 1.8 lens from eagle vison and paid $155 shipped to the US. I checked and this lens will also be $155. Damn, why didn't they just release this lens in the first place. Buy this lens, next year gonna be a new lens for another $155. That's life I guess.

    Anyone tested the new lens and see if its worth it compare to the old one? This is the only video I can find on the new lens. I wanted more info before I folk up another $155.



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    I would have a look around:


    And see if something suited me better / cost less / do the job.


    I might even try a more bulky varifocal lens, though that would probably necessitate a mod of the camera mount, but i like modding.

    like a 5 – 22 mm lens, that would let me zoom in to just where i like on the cross hair.

    BUT ! have to be on the lookout if the fit the sensor size in the camera you use.


    PS.These guys will fit a IR cut filter if the lens you like dont have one.

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    I don't have the old lens. I have the 2 Eagle Vision lenses:

    GOPRO 5, 6, 7 Black, Lens 4K 1/1.8” 12MM, M12 X 0.35


    GOPRO 5, 6, 7 Black, lens 4K M12 1/2.3” 12MM X 0.35


    I can say by far the better image is in the more expensive 1/1.8 lens. Crisper image, better in lower light conditions fills the camera picture up better. Not sure what the old lens was like

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