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    I was thinking the other day about what would really be cool and interesting in Co2 airguns, while doing some online shopping.  

    I noticed there's no Kriss Vector styled airguns for bb's or pellets, though there's plenty of airsoft versions.  

    Anyone else think it would be neat to have a Co2 Kriss Vector shooting bb's or pellets?  Maybe FULL AUTO?  😃

    I've owned a Sig Sauer MCX .177 pellet rifle (version with factory red dot sight) and that was a lot of fun (sold it to a buddy), and plan on getting a Crosman SBR .177 bb rifle later this summer.  But a Kriss Vector bb or pellet gun would be a little different from a lot of the stuff currently out there, and if it was done right and authentic looking, and high quality, perhaps made by Umarex?  I'd buy one in a heartbeat, and tell all my friends!


    It's time for airgun manufacturers to make us a Kriss Vector bb or pellet gun!  Pretty please with a cherry on top?  😄



    Um…I'll take the deafening silence and lack of any response to this thread as a resounding, "NO!"  lol.  😳


    Thought it might be a good idea.  Maybe there's enough co2 guns out there.  



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