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    My question is with the negative reviews one might get (The Red mark). Do these automatically register? or are they reviewed by someone for approval or rejection.

    The reason I ask is I have two hits against me just recently. I know who did it and why. I don't see where I violated any AGN policies. Particularly the most recent one. It makes little to no sense given the subject discussed and my post. The first mark because I and others didn't buy optics from who he thought we should. I think all of us try and support the vendors that support this forum. But there are few anywhere that won't take advantage of a 25% off deal. That's what I saved on the scope I bought. He was pissed I didn't buy from Brian and that the guy I did buy from was not a paying sponsor.  I for one will not be silenced because a sponsor, non sponsor, member or any one else who treats me with disrespect, tries to take advantage, or won't right a wrong. I have and will also publicly apologize when I make a mistake or what ever I may have done.   I request these be removed.







    The accuracy system is primarily hands off. If a member feels they were given a negative accuracy that they did not deserve, or that was given in retaliation, a moderator can look into it further. 

    However, we do not review every accuracy point that is given. 

    In order to contest an accuracy point you were given, Private Message a moderator with your concerns.

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