Need help in replacing the nitro piston of my rifle nx100 polaris

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    Hi , 

    I am recently moved Englishtown, NJ , USA  from India and i bought a very beautiful air rifle with which is a Nitro piston type rifle, i have been using it from lass 1 and half years and i really love the accuracy of the rifle. 

    Few days ago i was plinking with my rifle and suddenly got a call from my boss, i kept talking to him over the phone, in the mean while i packed my rifle inside the rifle case and put it in the closet. After about 3-4 days i reached out to my rifle for doing some target shooting which i usually do in every week i discovered that i had cocked my rifle in my last use and forgot to unload it the rifle stood cocked for around 100 + hours by that time, i tried to put a pellet inside the barrel and fire the air gun fired but the pellet didn't came out since then i have been trying have removed the pellet and tried firing the air rifle problem stayed same every time i cock the rifle and try to fire the pellets gets stuck, maybe be because of the low pressure or some thing i don't know. 
    Can anyone let me know which nitro piston to put as the replacement to that rifle to solve the issue actually this rifle is only available in India the manufacturer does not ship there product outside country, i bought this from air gun india  and i am attaching some reference image and model of that i bought here to for your ease kindly let me know where can i buy the piston or any air gun repair shop nearby me who is capable to fix it. 

    I know i can go buy some other air rifle which i will surly do in the future but i really don't want to let go of this air rifle since it was given to me by my father.

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    I don't know anything that might help you with the piston replacement but I would make sure the barrel is clear of pellets (even 2 could have been enough to jam in the barrel) then try one more time. You'll have to push them out from the barrel end toward the breech. Use a small diameter dowel or cleaning rod and lightly tap the pellets out. 



    well have you contacted an Indian seller of this rifle to see they can get a new ram, that would be the first thing I would do

    there still being sold in India and they appear to be around $160.00

    now stuck pellets get a 1/8 inch wood dowel to remove the pellet

    is the ram marked with a name other then the rifle maker 

    your parts are back in India

    been thinking about trying to get a SP-60 pistol for fun, it looks like a IZH 53m

    well good luck and remember you could buy a new rifle and fix your Fathers gift when you get your parts

    take care


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    ………..these ARE cool………   would it be too hard or expensive for to get one (here in texas) ??        trigger looks promising…………  seems india could have .177 and if it shot thru a one inch regular wood board – it wasnt getting thru inspection (customs)………..        – paul.  

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