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    Hello Fellow Air Gunners,

    For a long time I was hoping to acquire a spring loading single shot tray for my RAW .30 caliber air rifle. I have the single shot tray currently available from RAW for their air rifles, but I have trouble positioning the pellet in the tray, and all to frequently have to “fiddle and diddle” with the pellet to get it to lay right before I can load it into the pellet chamber hole. Alas, I am cursed with big hands and over sized fingers!

    My Emails to Raw and Rowan Engineering encouraging them to design a spring loading single shot tray were acknowledged with replies suggesting that the tray design I was hoping for was already in the “planning stage”, or “currently under development”. But, no time frame was offered for when the tray would be put into production.

    Then one day I came across this thread on Air Gun Nation:

    So I contacted the Original Poster, Keith 2324, and he told me how to contact Mark_Walt. I was thinking, maybe, just maybe, Mark could make me a spring loading single shot tray for my .30 caliber RAW using his 3D printer.Mark Emailed me that he would try to make the spring loading single shot tray and told me up front that I would have to supply him with accurate measurements of the loading area of my RAW. So initially these were the first measurements I had to supply in metric.

    So back and forth Emails to Mark with more measurements and clarifications on what I wanted in my single shot loading tray led to the following single shot tray design.

    When the final design had been agreed upon, Mark set out to 3-D print my single shot loading tray. The only thing it lacked was the spring. So after firing a pellet and withdrawing the loading probe the tray does not open automatically, like the Rowan Spring Loading Tray. You have to flip my loading tray open manually, but that is no big deal for me. Here is the tray installed in my .30 caliber RAW.

    If you think Mark can make you an air rifle accessory, like he did for me, don’t hesitate to contact him. Or send me a PM for his contact information. And by the way, his price was very, very reasonable.



    That’s awesome! I’m glad it worked out well for you.





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