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    I really like my Gamo .22 cal rifle. I bought the Wildcat Whisper which is the worst name they could have given it. It pops so loud it makes my ears ring somerimes, lol. It is well made, I like the composite body. Nothing about this rifle seems cheap or poorly made. It's not the most powerful break barrel out there but it's plenty poweful enough for what I'll be shooting at and I have some wicked pellets. It looks really nice with the new scope, menacing almost. I just wish I lived somewhere where there were things to hunt like ground hogs. I have to wait for the starlings to show up. They're an evasive species that cause problems. If anyone knows of things to hunt in South King County WA please let me know. My Gamo came with a standard 4 power scope but the new one is so much nicer and only $40. It zooms from 3.5x to 10x, adjusts for distance and windage, and has a laser pointer. And it has a lifetime warrenty. I'm taking out nickle sized targets at 70+ feet. 




    Good luck with it. As far as what you can shoot with it…go to your states DEC website and look up what is legal small game and invasive species which usually have no specific dates or bag limits.

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