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    Finally this morning took the time to do some testing on the chronograph of my Marauder FT. Have shot a few hundred pellets down range and had a successful hunt in the field during the short time that I've owned it. But, never until today have I tested the numbers it's generating.

    I only tested two different pellets. One being JSB Match Exact Jumbo 15.89gr. The other JSB Jumbo Heavy 18.13gr. The 15.89's that I tested, as well as Air Arms Diabolos 16gr, are the ones that I have found myself shooting the most. I haven't tested the AA 16gr yet. I imagine that they will probably test very similar to the JSB 15.89's.

    JSB Match Exact Jumbo 15.89gr. Shot 8 strings of 10 shots per string.

    String #1         String#2      String#3      String#4      String#5     String#6      String#7      String#8

    High  808           812              809              812            816             813             806             782

    LO      780            792             799             801             801             803            787              720

    AV      800            804              805            805             808             807            797              753

    ES      28              20               10               11                15               10                7                 62

    SD      8                6                  2                3                  5                3                   5                    8


    JSB Jumbo Heavy 18.13gr. Sot 4 strings of 10 shots per string

            String#1      String#2      String#3      Spring#4

    High   764           765            764               768

    LO      759           758            759               760

    AV      760           762            762               763

    ES       5              7                  5                   8

    SD      1               2                 1                    2

    The results were not really very surprising to me. What they show is that the regulated Marauder FT produces a fairly high shot count with moderate but consistent power. With the 15.89gr it averages about 805 fps over 60 plus shots. It was into the 7th magazine that the power level began to fall off a bit. That is good to know. I have consistent power levels until I get well into that 7th mag. This means 60 plus shots before any drop off begins. Not bad, especially in a hunting application. This also makes it a 22.9 FPE rifle with the 15.89gr pellets. Good enough. The heavier 18.13gr JSB's were more consistent for sure and produced about 23.2 FPE. Not enough increase in energy IMO to sacrifice the flatter trajectory of the 15.89gr pellet. Both pellets are very accurate in the Marauder though. The rifle may yet improve some more after a few hundred more pellets down range…I don't know, we'll see. Anyway…..although not the king of power, it gets it done very well and with superb accuracy. I'm enjoying the heck out of it 😁.




    After thinking about some of the numbers that I tested yesterday, I have a couple of questions. The first is very elementary, so excuse me please. The heavier pellet produced the most consistent, or should I say, tighter results. Average velocity, extreme spread, etc were extremely consistent in both really. However, the heavier pellet had an ES that was exceptional. But, there of course was a loss in velocity due to the heavier weight. With the slower velocity, comes a much less flat trajectory. I am second guessing my initial opinion in my original post. This may just be a matter of opinion. But anyway….which pellet would be the more preferred for most small game hunting situations? The lighter, faster, flatter shooting pellet. Or, the slower, less flat shooter, but producing slightly more FPE. Both were very consistent in the rifle. But the heavier pellet had an edge on having exceptional ES, and bit more FPE….??

    I'll ask the 2nd question later……I appreciate any and all opinions on this?



    I'd go with the heavier.

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