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    i also use my ipad app to arm mine even tho i know it is going to quit after the first shot

    easier to use then the Labradar button which for some reason needs more pressure



     Also… the orange ARM tab displayed on the lower part of the iPhone screen is much easier to activate than using the button on the LabRadar.




    While I'm having a tremendous amount of trouble installing the new firmware and getting my radar to talk to my iPhone 6s, I did notice (quite by accident) that – if you swipe your finger left to right on the app, you can change your settings.

    ft,yd,m / fps,yps,mph,m/s,km/h / gram,grain / joule,FT-LBF

    Did you copy the files to an SD card? The firmware must be on the root of the card. Just insert and turn on the unit. Turn off and take the card out. If the two firmware files are gone you have updated the firmware. I bet you have already installed it. Check the version on the unit.

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