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Kestrel Users is there any Solution to This???

Forums Long Range Shooting Kestrel Users is there any Solution to This???

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    1) Taking a wind capture while hunting isn't always practical and easy like the target capture function.  Is there anyway to get the kestrel to auto adjust the windage direction based on a new target location?*

    2) Also is there anyway to get it to read ballistics below 25 yds.  Sometimes close shots require quite a bit of adjustment because of scope height.  I don't shoot below 25 often but every now and then I need to.

    *For example, on the 5700 you can record your target and let's say it's at 0 degrees.  Then you record your wind and it's at 9:00.  Well if you're hunting and all of the sudden a target comes up at 270 degrees the wind setting stays at 9:00.  Now obviously this is easy to do in your head and change the wind to 12:00 but when the directions are more random it becomes hard to do quickly.


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    The windage thing with Kestrels are approximations and there could be different wind conditions the projectile must pass through in a long time of flight window at 900 fps. I don't even use my Kestrel anymore because the wind is changing from second to second in intensity and direction anyway. If it's super windy I typically don't go shooting. If the wind is, for lack of a better way to describe it, "normal", I know approximately how fast it's going but I did learn that from using the Kestrel in the past. Full value winds from the side blows the pellet the most, from 45 degree angles the projectile is blown 70% of full value, and not blown much if the wind is coming or going from a slight angle, and when this happens look out because it can switch the other way quickly giving a miss on small targets.

    Practice, practice, but that's easier said than done.

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