Just won a pre-war .22 Webley Senior auction

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    Though recoiling spring-piston pistols are WAY down the list of my favorite airguns, the all-steel vintage Webleys are at the top of that spring-piston pistol list. And pre-war, slant-grip Seniors top that list! I never expected to find a clean enough example at enticing enough price to ever own another, but… "never say never!" Suffice to say it was a bargain.

    The description states the seals are fine and she's mechanically healthy. The many excellent photos show a near-mint example with only small chips in both grips. I'll make a set of exotic wood custom grips for her; probably Ziricote.

    As excerpted from my last book, Custom, Classic and Otherwise Awesome Air Pistols! 

    "Long-historied British firearms manufacturer Webley & Scott started producing spring-piston pistols in the 1920s to the same high quality as their firearms. All Webley spring-piston air pistols evolved from the over-lever design of their original Mark 1, where the barrel doubles as a cocking-lever for a very simple, logical and compact design. Vintage Webley air pistols were also of blued, all machined-steel construction requiring hundreds of operations. Virtually bullet-proof; unfortunately not rust-proof!

    As consumer goods devolved toward more economical materials and production methods, so eventually did Webley airguns. Though still of the same design as the original models, current Webley spring-piston pistols lack the machined-steel aesthetics of their vintage guns. And much as I mock maddeningly-challenging non-recoilless spring-piston pistols, my admiration for the old-school quality and mechanicals of old Webleys runs so deep that I actually enjoy shooting them. (In moderation.)

    BTW, Awesome Air Pistols! Is still available… but won't be forever. 



    Congratulations on your buy. They are an excellent old pistol. 

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