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Just Shot My Hatsan Vortex Edge in .22 Cal.

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    United States
    Accuracy: +2

    I took her out and tested her, I was very impressed. I did not have my chrono, but will tomorrow. It puts the .22 cal CPHP pellets down range quick …. it did not seem as quick as my 95 Vortex, but still these pellets were still moving.

    I had very, very little dieseling with this gun, and she was shooting solid after about 10 shots. I got her sighted in at about 35 yards and I’ll keep it at that. I shot a pickle jar at 58 yards and hit the bottom 1/3rd of it and the pellet went right through breaking both sides of the jar. 58-60 yds is one mil-dot up on this 4x AO scope, that is perfect for me on this gun.

    What is cool about this gun is that it is 43″ long and 6.6 lbs … pretty much the weight and size of a medium power kids gun, at less than a kids gun price ….. and this is not a low power gun, this gun sends ’em ;- )

    The stock fits me well and the gun is very smooth ….but ….. if you expect a Hatsan like Quattro trigger, you are not going to get it. This is a medium good usable hunting trigger and I can surely live with it … there is no comparison between this trigger and the Beeman Teton, which needs to be refined a lot.

    Like I said will chrono it tomorrow, but if any of you are looking for a bang around gun to keep by the back door for pigeons, squirrels and such, and don’t want to spend big bucks on a vermin gun … IMHO this is it. This gun is fast and very handy and I plan on using it a lot. I have a UTG 4x AO scope on it and it is perfect for my needs.

    I have quite a few powerful guns, but as many of you know big springers and big gas ram guns are heavy, this gun is a joy to heft without lacking in the power department. my game is more of the starling, ground squirrel size, with maybe a jack rabbit thrown in if he is close. I don’t shoot anything over 50yds and if I do take a shot it is a Hail Mary and aimed at something that when hit will go down.

    I would hold out till Airgun Depot has another 10% sale on this gun, which brings the price down to about $87.00, including shipping. for what this gun is, and for the $ spent, it is a good field hunting gun for me. if you have the time look at the reviews of this gun and the Strike 1000, all the same gas ram, and from what is on Hatsan’s web page, the same ram that is in the 95, 85, and 87 I believe. This little carbine is rated at 899 fps with lead pellets … I doubt it is getting that with CPHP, but it very well could be in the 730-750 range, as these pellets are coming out pretty good :- )



    Accuracy: +4

    I’m loving my 95 Vortex .22!

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