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    I just had an email exchange with an individual offering to sell me an Airwolf that I had been looking for. He sent a few pics and I thought they looked familiar. Turns out, it was the pictures in the linked thread on this forum. His claim was he purchased it from a friend 6 months ago. The first two pictures he sent were just the couch pics, when I asked for more, he sent the one on the carpet. 

    Link to thread he used

    Be be careful out there!

    Our exchange:

    Hi let me know if you still want to purchase the  Daystate AirWolf .22 Carbon Fiber.
    Check attachments below i am selling for $1300 shipped, where are you located?

    What caliber is this? Did you add the CF bottle? And lastly, when and where did you purchase?
    Looks nice,

    Hi .22 and yes i did add the CF bottle, and lastly, i got the item from a friend of mine, and that was 6 months ago, its still as new in perfect condition, let me know if you are still interested in buying Thanks.

    Ok, please send a few more pics of the gun, the LCD in the picture looks a bit scuffed.
    Do you know when the gun was originally purchased or do you have the serial number?

     It was purchased 2 years ago, here is a full image of the Gun, let me know something.

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