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I have a question about my Texan carbine with carbon fiber bottle and tx2 valve

Forums Big Bores & Arrow Shooters Big Bores & Arrow Shooters – Discussion I have a question about my Texan carbine with carbon fiber bottle and tx2 valve

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    Ok so my carbine is in 45 caliber. I haven't had a lot of time to tune it yet but…. It is shooting 240 grain NSA hp slugs at about 850 fps right now. So far I find it shoots 3 consistent shots at 3600 psi. So last week it sighted the rifle in at 25 ,50 and 75 yards and recorded my holdover. I was satisfied with my groupings for now. Then I received my donnyfl emperor. I put it on. It is big. But it definitely makes a big difference. But here comes the question. When I sighted my gun in with the emperor on it, it shot a little to the right which I expected. But the point of impact out to 80 yards did not change much at all from my crosshairs. From 25 out to 80 yards it was almost on the crosshairs, no holdover necessary. I have never had this happen before. I'm a little confused. Maybe I was just shooting badly that day but it happened multiple times until I ran out of air. I did not chrony  it with the emperor on unfortunately. Why would this happen? I will try again next week. Very weird.


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    Barrel harmonics.

    You're lucky it whips upwards and compensates for the added weight at the muzzle.

    You might fint that with other bullet weights it will throw them in a whole other direction.


    Nature of the beast.

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