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I have a new gun

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    that I bought 7 year ago.   I bought a BAM B-40 and a B-26 at the same time and the 26 has done very well. Really accurate and the only issue I’ve ever had was the cocking shoe broke once and I sent a message to Mike Melick over at Flying Dragon and he promptly sent me two new ones.  The B-40 never performed and I tried pellet after pellet and nothing grouped.  Once a year I’ll pull the gun out and shoot it a little but I’d quickly get disappointed and switch to another gun.  Then last week I was poking around on youtube and saw a video on how easy it is to disassemble a TX200.  It is amazingly simple and I thought that I would take a look inside and see if anything was broken. I took the rifle apart and nothing looked like anything was broken so I put it back together, but I cleaned the screws that had grease on them, cleaned the holes of grease, put some blue locktite on all of the screws and tightened everything very snug and set the gun aside for 2 days and for some reason I put a scope on it yesterday and now it shoots like a champ.  It seems to like H&N Field Target but not FTT’s.  Definitely likes Barracuda Match and Beeman Kodiak.  I haven’t yet figured out how it wants to be held, but I have a great rifle that was just sleeping in the corner for 7 years. 


    Accuracy: +9

    Haha…congrats! My Vantage NP was my most hated gun: shot poorly and killed every scope I put on it. So it sat in the corner for a year or so. I did the same as you (more or less) and broke it down, cleaned it out, fixed some stuff…now riding in a new stock, it’s my number one springer (well, at least until I got my RWS 460!).

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