HOT Impact flinging slugs. What's your favorite .30 gr?

Forums PCP Airguns HOT Impact flinging slugs. What's your favorite .30 gr?

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    In .30 cal you'll get much better performance with the larger eccentric plenum produced in Poland (both are my design). You won't gain anything by combining the eccentric plenum with the external unless you move up to .35 cal. The older rubber ball valve control works better than the spring in the FX plenum kit also.

    Both what are your design?

    The eccentric plenums from Poland and FX. The design was copied from a CAD drawing I posted here in April of last year.

    Dang copy cats! you should sue them!  ☝

    My favorite is the 65.5gn ;)

    i now him wel( in Poland) 1: he doesn't steel ideas from other people2: he already had such a plenum on his own gun around February. 3 : the new valvehousing will never be able to produce the power of the previous versions.

    With the prebious versions, I’ve seen loads of videos shooting 60 grainers above 1000fps. Haven’t seen it happen with the new version. The new POWER plenum is good, but all the rest that comes with it isnt! Back to the drawing board. 

    JMP EXPERIENCE. I own 2 impacts. One with the FULL Polish kit, and since last week, a from factory build Power plenum impact mkII .30/700.  TBH : thats not an upgrade!

    Hi Rudder, regarding PolishPlenum, you are probably right, still some are claiming copy. ;)

    Do not forget the impact is a multicaliber airgun and FX must make an upgrade to fit all, I shoot heavy stuff for a loong time with the impact (in airgun time of course, tech changes fast ajjaja) and if you power up too much, then 18gn and below will not work to good and using the valveknob is the only way to put the speed down (loosing some hammer spring tuning). The VH now is much more easy to drill! /the ex VS) jaja IMO with the right knowledge, you can change and mod a few things and power up all. But I agree with you, as is, the max I reached is 970fps (with transfer ports lager) with the 25.4gn monsters .22 @ about 135-140 bar, over that no gain. (I have not tested much tho). Will see how FX will stay multicaliber with the .35

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