Home made scope shade from PVC plumbing parts for my 5-15×50 Hawke Panorama.

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    I was looking at a Hawke sunshade for my scope but it was listed as 4″ long so I bought one of those short honeycomb filters. I wasn’t especially pleased with the slight drop in illumination and resolution so the decision was to cobble together a 3″ long shade and here is the result.
    Painted shade secured with PVC electrical tape instead of black RTV silicone rubber so it would be more easily removed if needed………..

    Scope with PVC shade and Hawke supplied bikini lens cover…….

    How the shade was assembled…….
    1. Bought two PVC bushings like this at Lowes home center except they were 2″x1 1/4″……

    2. The front recesses of my scope for fitting the shade……..

    3. The two bushings were faced on the lathe to remove the raised lettering, glued together with ABS glue cement because my universal PVC
    cement was gone. LOL, both “glues” smelled the same so I figured both were similar stuff, just that the ABS stuff was black color. Sorry, no pics of the glued together bushings before machining.

    4. After lathe turning and boring here are the stepped rear of the shade that is a snug fit with the front recess of my scope and the front of the shade. Notice the black line where the ABS solvent joined the two bushings……. ……

    The spiral internal grooves were made while retracting the boring bar quickly against the spinning PVC shell.
    5. After a bit of painting using this all purpose spray paint……

    After the paint cured I used a flatter black paint for the interior.




    Very nice Job!! Looks great




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