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    I have try to take out the barrel shroud my is damned fixed so before i injure somthing on the gun i have stop trying.

    Is it some spezial technik to took out the barrel shroud?

    By my other hatsans they are only fixed with a screw in front off barrel/qe system


    Jorge, the barrel shroud just unthread off counter clockwise. Every time I have the shroud off, I pre lube the shroud bands O rings within with FP10 so when I re slide the shroud back on it smoothly passes thru those shroud bands. Any FP10 smeared on the shroud I just wipe the gun down with, as that’s my rust preventative and keeper of the “BLING” for sure.


    now, if you’re asking how to remove the actual barrel inside the shroud, I’ve never done that so I am unsure.



    Thanks Bigragu

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