Help, I really f’d up. Filled w/o bleed valve.

Forums PCP Airguns Help, I really f’d up. Filled w/o bleed valve.

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    That could be, hopefully nothing serious though. Maybe on vacation etc. Maybe he'll chime back in eventually.




    Man, sorry guys.  I had a bunch of life shit happen and I never got around to closing this thread out.  I ended up shooting the gun down and then unscrewing the bottle from the rifle.  This caused some other issues, but I was able to disconnect the fill from the gun at least.

    I really appreciate everyone's help.  I should have clarified, my Guppy has a bleed valve, it works great.  What I attempted was attaching only the micro-bore fill line to my SCBA tank which fit and got me all excited.  The 2nd SCBA bottle didn't have a bleed valve.  Lesson learned.  If I can get the manifold unscrewed from the bottle, I'll probably just get another fill setup like the Guppy has, I love the dual gauge setup.

    Anyway, thanks for all the replies. Pics for clarification. 

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