Hatsan Bully .25 cal – 121 shots with JSB King 25.39gr pellets

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    Last Sat. I headed out to the range. I wanted to see if I could find a decent shot curve for JSB King 25gr pellets in my Hatsan Bully .25 cal. I spent a few minutes finding the top end velocity I wanted in the shot string and locked the Hammer Spring Tension screw in place. Loaded up and started shooting. This was my second attempt at JSB 25gr pellets. The first time, I didn’t get the shot string where I wanted it. This time, I think it’s decent. What do you think?  

    Starting Fill pressure: 3600 PSI
    Shot count: 121

    Tuning Info:
    The depth from the back of the action to the top of the Hammer Spring Tension (HST) screw is 0.257 inches. 

    There were 4 shots that started below 800 FPS and the 2 ending shots were below 800 FPS. I recommend only filling to 3500 PSI. This should skip the first 4 shots. If you trim these 6 off the edges of the string, that’s 115 shots (25 cal). I really want to add a regulator to this thing and see if I can get a totally flat shot curve. It was windy on Sat. and at 50 yards, the lighter JSB Kings were getting blown up to 2″ off course. But for plinking reactive targets, this is great.  This type of shot count is normally found in 22 cal bottle guns, not 25 cal. Not to mention, its bare bones power setting is still top of the scale for other air rifles. 

    For those that have been waiting on the 45 cal Bully to release, you might want to call Dennis at IndianaAirguns.com. You’ll be happy you did. 

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