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    For everyone out there F$&king up my accuracy and making me seem like I’m a sketchy person to purchase from here’s why it’s taking long for me to actually sell. When I first bought the gun off of this “great” forum people love to be dishonest and shady so outta trust I bought the hatsan bullboss in .25 gun shot like crap had no accuracy. I didn’t have it in me to resell a piece of trash. So I purchased all new hardened hardware loctite all the screws and bolts took the gun completely apart I mean new Orings and seals screws bolts lube everything and purchased a new barrel cause it was bent! Not from me from previous owner or from dealer. Regardless I’m taking my Time out to make sure this gun shoots and performs at its fullest potential so before you start hitting that red minus button how about you ask some questions about the gun and situation instead of trying to just throw zip codes and shit at me I have a pic of newly purchased barrel next to the old barrel the old is a 23” and the new one hatsan graciously messed up on is a 19.5” so it will be even longer now that I have to send it back and wait for my new one again! So calm your tits gun is gonna be for sale maybe when I get my right parts!πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ€™πŸ½



    mmm. I have a suggestion that might or might not be right. I don't "think" it's against the rules but I highly recommend you ask the moderator before doing it. Basically, I have seen a member on here that shall remain anonymous have similar problems to you due to low accuracy ratings. All he did was create a new account with the same picture. Again not sure if its against the rules or not. Your other option is if you think the accuracy rating was done to you unfairly, contact a moderator and ask for removal of this negative accuracy.

    So its your responsibility to read up on it and decide the right course of action.

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