Has anyone the Hatsan Bully in cal 25 ?

Forums PCP Airguns Has anyone the Hatsan Bully in cal 25 ?

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    I owne this rifle with a Lothar Barrel,after many testing pellets sizing etc  i can hit an 3 Inch target out to 150 meters (165 Yards) this is my maximum magnification range for the hawake airmax 32x.

    My HS Setting is all the way back to the Point that the security srew can hold it, the working pressure range for smal Groups is 170-120bar before and after the Groups open up.

    it gives my 20 accurate shots with JSB Heavys

    I have to sized down the pellets Head to 6.35mm and the skirt to 6.38mm

    Can the Bully 25 owners tell me their experience with this rifle

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