Got Squirrels at the end of the shootin' range? I do. So far anyway.

Forums General Discussion Got Squirrels at the end of the shootin' range? I do. So far anyway.

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    While shooting at 200 yards the other day, I noticed a Ground Squirrel on a post. Hmm. 

    I have permission to shoot on all the properties out there. Decided to see if my .25 cal. 75 FPE slug gun could get close. 

    This is NOT precision shooting by any means. But, I've trained him, one shot. He's GONE! RIGHT NOW.

    I did "walk" slugs up the post to get the right elevation. I've hit soooo close to him many times in the wind in the last few days. 

    Same Squirrel all three places. 

    Here's the post up close. I thought I grazed the top of the post a few days back looking in the scope. 

    White spot is were he sits. 

    I saw wood chips fly to his right. He started to go down the post. Then he came back up on top. 

    When I was done loading another round and sighted in he was sniffing at the right side of the post where the slug hit. 

    So I held a little more windage and the shot hit the same place. 2 slugs at about an 1/8".   99% Dumb ass luck with a touch of aiming. 

    Wood chips again with Mr. Squirrels head just maybe 2" above. He actually jumped off the post. 

    I don't recall seeing a Ground Squirrel ever jump off anything before. Must have got his attention. 

       Now by the time I hear that slug smack wood, Mr Squirrels running. 

    Irresponsible? Probably.  Unethical hunting distance?   For sure. Why then?

    I could go over there and very easily  "murder" him at 100 – 150 yards with a scoped precision slug gun. 

    Just way more fun long range for me.




    I can understand the challenge …Nice shooting range BTW 



    Your not shooting across the road are you?



    Im pretty sure if he is you get one car down that road a week .By the look in the pic

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