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Glimmer gets to meet Bob…then we get to work at the dairy

Forums Hunting Glimmer gets to meet Bob…then we get to work at the dairy

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    The year of 2021 was a very tough one for me, as it has been for many.  I got unemployed and have been starting my own business while I struggled back into the job market, financially it has been very tough with all my savings going into my inventions’ patents, which should pay off one day. And quite a few interviews going on now.

    Coming back to Idaho has allowed me to center and get back to doing what I haven’t been able to do on a regular basis in a long time, on and off for 10 years.  Since I have been back in Idaho I have started working two part time jobs, borrowing my dad’s truck to get back and forth to work, but Sunday I was able to get “Bob” a one owner 2002 Subaru Forester AWD.  There is a 147 K on the car, with dings and nicks and cracked windshield, however, so far been running flawlessly, and I got it for half market value through a family connection.  Now I have my own wheels, so a step forward.

    My days off generally for the two jobs give me Tuesday to be my Saturday, and so hell or high water I was heading out with Glimmer and Bob to my permissions west of Pocatello.  I stopped on a pullout area just down the road for a “meet and greet” phone interview what could be an interesting position, it seemed to go well, and then I headed just down the road to the dairy.  Weather was sunny/cloudy, little to no wind, and the temperature was around freezing.  I introduced Glimmer to Bob and after a fist bump we got to work.  

    When I arrived to the dairy I sensed it was going to be worth my efforts, but I have a feeling the doves and pigeons are plotting with the squirrels.  So I knew I had to be on target today.  So the first thing I did was really try to dial Glimmer in with the JSB Hades. (Specs: Glimmer is an RTI Prophet Performance Compact with a 177 400 mm CZ barrel kit shooting Hades at 17ish FPE.). I turned down the regulator pressure 5 bar and the hammer spring down, and I started getting almost pellet on pellet holes.  I suck as a bench shooter, and my bench was the back of Bob open and a target at 30 yard.  Anyways, after getting data and etc I decided to drive around the frozen dairy vs walk, though I still did plenty of walking. Also, I don’t remember the exact number of pigeons and doves I got, but I missed a starling and a sparrow, sadly.

    Today I would say my average shot was at 40-45 yards. I had a few anchor shots out to 55 yards. My furtherest shot for the day, good or bad, was ranged at 73 yard on a collared dove, yes a long damn ways for a 177.  I used the car as a rest and hit the dove a bit low for an anchoring shot, and it flew off in a puff of feathers about 400 yards then landed in the marshy grass area, by now it is fox food.  Glimmer seems to really like the Hades, and I did a try too with the Mako’s running around 16 FPE.

    Also, at the stockyard I decided to shoot a magazine of the 177 Mako slugs, and I was able to get a couple of pigeons and a mortally wounded a dove at 62 yards.  

    Today I spent around 4 hours between the two locations, bouncing back and forth, because they are a few minutes drive from each other.  I shuttled around in Bob vs walking the whole way.  Though it was solid ice with some mud, Bob did well, but he is a Subaru, so enough said.  While at my second return to the dairy I came around the corner and saw a Red Tailed Hawk land on the fence.  The Red Tailed Hawk caught the attention of a Sparrow Hawk, and the Sparrow Hawk tried to drive Red off, but nope not happening little man.  What did scare Red off was when I pulled up and tried to take a picture with my phone, as seen below.

    The stockyard definitely now has a huge uptick in collared doves since they are grain feeding the cattle for market, and though by now I have taken over to 20 pigeons from the stockyard their numbers don’t seem to be decreasing.  Do pigeons spontaneously generate out of thin air? Today’s numbers were 7-8 pigeons at the stockyard (I wasn’t really tracking the numbers today) and I know I had a total of 13-15 pigeons last week.

    One observation I have started to notice, that after a few twangs of the hammer spring the magpies and it seems the hawks start to come around and no I don’t to be known as “The Magpie Whisper”, Hawk Whisper Yes, Magpie no!

    Lastly, I noticed another dairy about another 20 minutes away I might try to go to and get access.  Also, I found out the owner of my permissions has two more operations, but 40 minutes further from Pocatello, so I will ask and see if I can give it a try when I have a full day to go.


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    There is nothing wrong with an old Subaru, that is low mileage. My 04 Jetta has 337k on it, I’m a construction worker so it has been loaded down and been in some rough places. The rti prophet are pretty nice, I looked at one when I was at AOA. It’s a good thing they didn’t let me shoot it or a lcs sk19 I would have tried to buy it. 

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