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    “Scott_MCT”Agreed, for the cost of the Wildcat everything should be right.  Can’t wait for my .22 to show up.  Thankfully AOA is about 1 hour north of me so if something isn’t right with mine, I can just drive over there.

    That’s I feel about all of the expensive PCP rifles. I can’t help thinking that for $1500, would it kill them to fire a few shots to check it shoots straight and give it a quick visual inspection for obvious blemishes and flaws before sending it out….

    I don’t need much to be a happy customer. I just want to receive what I ordered, in working condition, in a reasonable amount of time. It seems like that is a luxury with air guns. 

    Other than it’s obvious visual flaw, how do you like the Wildcat? That was my other choice when buying my Cricket. I think the Wildcat looks awesome. Is it as light as AOA claim on their site?




    hope you dont mind my chimeing in, ive had a 22 wildcat since nov. i like it. it seems to like the 18.13’s best i shot a 10 shot group at 100 yd yesrerday, 1 &7/8″ was widest 2 shots. it will do a little better than that but i dont think it’s quite as accurate as my royale but its so much lighter that except for bench shooting, wildcats my go to gun!

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