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    Hi Drunk I absolutely agree with your comments re problems and how they deal with them. Both FX, Johan, and my retailer, Youngs Airgun Centre in Auckland NZ, have both stepped up. Youngs first, we are in the same time zone, offered to replace my Wildcat .22 with a new one. Johan, via email within 12 hours after Youngs offer, has asked me to send it back to retailer for them to fix with care package.
    Great service from both parties. I have had some issues with my rifle but I am sure they will be sorted or I will have a replacement. I was sad to send it off but I love the look, feel and how the Wildcat functions and shoots, when it was shootng well. Thanks FX and youngs.

    I would like to have the gun returned to youngs and then we can send them a care package for the gun and make certain that the gun functions properly so that you can experience the wildcat as it should be! And I hope this initial impression of it won’t impact your thoughts on the Wildcat overall.

    I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. I believe that they will be able to fix it accordingly and that you will be very pleased with the gun once you get it back.

    Best regards Johan



    I have a similar issue with my new .25 wildcat from straight shooters. I did not clean the barrel when I first got it, shot JSB exact king 25.39 grain and it was .25″ ctc @ 25 yards about 80 rounds through. Then when I put on 4 baffles the POI shifted low and to the left by an inch+ and the groups are not consistent.

    So I guessed it was the baffles, and removed them and have it another set of shots. Still the same, not hitting what I was getting when I first got it. It’s about 1.25″ ctc at the same ranges with the same pellet of course.

    Not sure what’s going on so I jumped online to see if there were any other experiencing this issue. I guess the next thing I will do is clean the barrel. But we are talking about under 100 rounds.

    Shooting out to 50 yards when I first got it was pretty bad, talking about, 5-6″ easily. Makes me really wonder what’s going on.

    If you guys have any tips please let me know.





    Just want to help in finding and fixing the real cause –

Ever since the owner of one airgun forum out there had a falling out with US FX Importer, we started reading negative posts on FX products that before no one noticed or spoken of :) And I think it is a bit too much, considering what cool stuff FX is putting out now. So now $500 Taipan Mutant is the star when it comes to accuracy and build quality? It is kind of hard to read.

    1st generation ST barrels had accuracy issues, but these (gen 3 I believe) shoot great. I was in the crowd of nay sayers myself on these barrels reading stuff on many forums too till I got .22 Whisper with ST barrel. It was one of the most accurate guns I have ever shot with JSB’s. Other pellets  I don’t know about.

    As posters, we need to really think what benefit are we really doing for the new guys who get really confused what to buy. In truth really there are few airguns that can compete with repeatability of FX products. And that is why there is a line to get them.

How does one find out if they have a GEN 3 barrel? 

    Anyway to find out when it was made by looking at the serial number?

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