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    I already had Donny’s Fatboy and Sumo shrouds being used on my 25 cal Cricket and they worked so well I thought I’d give his new Shogun a try on my FX Rifles.
    I got the Shogun and the FX adaptor, which I had him bore out to accommodate the FX Boss 30 cal as well.
    Just received everything a few days ago and to say I’m impressed would be a gross understatement !
    I was so impressed with how effective they were I made videos of both guns, with and without his shrouds for sound comparison, and sent them to him.
    I just need to figure out how to get them up on youtube so everyone else can see what his “works of art” are truly capable of.
    I’ll admit the added length to the existing shroud on the FX rifles are getting into the Airforce TalonTunes gun lengths but it’s well worth it as I mainly bench shoot right now.
    We’ll see how they do in the greenbriar swamps of NC once hunting season opens, but for now they are absolute “perfection” for shooting in the back yard.
    Before adding his gem the FX Boss 30 cal was way too loud to shoot where I’m at, now I can shoot all day with it and the neighbors beside me don’t even notice.
    The FX Royale 25 cal is dead nuts silent !!!
    The birds on my feeders don’t even flinch when I’m target shooting.

    If you’re in the market for an extremely quiet rifle do yourself a big favor and visit his DonnyFl site !
    And I’ll say that he is the perfect example of exemplary customer service, an absolute pleasure to deal with and he’ll work with you to get you exactly what you need to get your rifle just as quiet as you need it to be !!!



    they are great pieces.Got the sumo on my impact and just got the ronin also but tore all my left calf muscles so no time to compare the two. best service ever. crazy how they compare to the stock stuff  glad you like them also  



    get well soon douger we need u to fill us in on that impact of yours ,,,pat

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