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    Your topic was Flagged by several community Members as being slanderous & antagonistic.  For public record, the below is AGN’s written note to Chuck in response to his recent post on the new FX Airguns Pocket Chrony:


    Dear Chuck,


    In reading over your topic, the majority of it has little to do with any first hand experience you have with the FX chrony.  It came across as a slanderous attack with you working to paint a picture of FX using uncorroborated conjecture rather than a summary/inquiry as to what others are seeing.


    You're a valued member of AGN and often have great things to contribute so I don't want to lose ya.  Please continue to share your experiences with us, just do it with more tact and less antagonism.  Leaving things as they were wouldn’t be fair to our community readers or FX Airguns.  I’ve removed your content & edited your title, as well as issued your sole warning as per the 3 Laws.  If you’re unfamiliar with the 3 Laws, please familiarise yourself with them and feel free to reply in your original topic.  





    The 3 Laws for AGN Members 

    1) Any Member sharing injury, violence, insults, slander, unauthorized advertising, profanity, obscenity, unsafe operation & handling, or illegal use of an airgun will have said content removed and be issued an administrative warning.

    2) Violation of Law #1 will result in written notification of probation. Violation of probation will result in permanent removal of membership.

    3) Airgun Nation Forum values humanity above all else. Before sharing, ask yourself if your contribution is in compliance with the 3 Laws.


    ** Self-policing by Members & Vendors is encouraged via our Flagging System

    I encourage you all to share your experiences both positive & negative, just leave the mud-slinging out of it.

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    So we can learn from it, I've left in place a piece of Steve's reply to Chuck. 



    Chuck, your second pass was very nicely written, and I'm glad you took another shot at it.  A lot of people here think a lot of you, so hopefully you'll continue contributing.  The "FX training us to expect problems as if it's their business philosophy," and "FX not doing any real testing because it's cheaper to just get the customers money and let them worry about it" was pretty "stretchy," and if I had to guess is what started lighting up Michael's switch board.  It most often isn't him ya know.  It's the forum members doing the policing.  It is on him to deal with it when they do however, so I wouldn't take it personal.  The man's just trying to keep a clean forum for us.

    All the best,


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