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    Hello Airgunnation,

    We have the brand new FX Impact MKII + Power Plenum in stock! We have been doing a lot of testing the past couple days and have been blow away by the results. All new FX Impact MKII's from Utah Airguns will now ship with the Power Plenum & other internal upgraded parts. This upgraded model will especially be helpful for those trying to shoot heavier slugs and projectiles. The new MKII also features some revolutionary changes in the valve assembly and hammer design that will allow for much better efficiency + power. Click the link below to place your order today: 


    If you would like to have Utah Airguns install the Power Plenum & other new parts on your current FX Impact please email [email protected]. In your email please provide your contact info, serial number and when it was purchased.We will then work our way down the list and let you know when we can do the installation and have your gun mailed into the shop. This process will allow for 1 week or less turnaround time.

    *The cost will be anywhere from $100.00 – $300.00 depending on purchase date. 


    Also, have you used our Build My Airgun tool on the UA website yet? We have added a couple more guns and accessories so you can customize, visualize and design the gun package of your dreams. Here are a couple examples: 

    Link to Builder:


    Thank you and Happy New Year! 


    -Utah Airguns




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