FX Impact leak….part 2. It's back…

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    My gut feeling is still the valve seat. I’d just change it. Also if you have plenty of orings on hand they are so cheap I just replace them all if I have gone to the trouble of taking it apart. I know you’ve do a lot but Just thinking about your regulator, inspect everything for sure but clean and rebuild it anyway.  Including the tricky internal one.I have rebuild my regulator without doing that one only to have to pull it apart again!  The other thing to do if you suspect you have a slow leak is spit on your finger and wipe it across the small bleed hole at the trigger/regulator. If the regulator is leaking very slowly you’ll get a bubble forming there. 

    If you did send it off to fx my bet is they wouldn’t spend to much time trying to find a nicked oring they would just rebuild and change out the parts in the known suspect areas. Specially the valve seat. Sometimes tiny fractures can be invisible In the long run it’s quicker and you know that it’s been rebuilt for peace mind. 

    You fix you problem and do your preventative maintenance at the same time. 



    I hear ya. I changed a bunch of the O-rings in the valve system when I took it apart. I was going to take the regulator apart today and instead just decided to take a step back and wait until tomorrow. When the slow leak started a while back. I sprayed detecta-leak on every single leak spot like two or three different times and didn't get any bubbles. If I don't find something in the regulator tomorrow that's definitive, I'm sending it back. That way, I know both leaks will be fixed. The guys in the repair dept. told me it would be fixed in a few days because it's a MKII and is brand new, it gets priority. So, a week to get there, a few days in repair and a week to get back to me…three weeks. I can deal with that, knowing it will be fixed right. I've already take,n it apart three times and inspected everything with a magnifying glass, I don't think one more time is going to help anything. Thanks for all your help!


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