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    In my opinion FX would benefit from making the  FX Doppler Chrono's accompanying Phone app (Android for sure and if possible the Apple) open source, or at least make a version of it open source.  This would allow for the development of features that FX just does not have the time, expertise, or the funds to invest in. There is minimal danger for FX here because the firmware that resides on the unit itself and is locked.   A feature rich phone app would keep customers more involved, interested, and may allow for innovations for further interface to other hardware or software application. For example, linking the FX chrono Phone app readings to the Strelok Pro or Chairgun app  could provide an automatic shooting solution without manual entry except for the distance.  Also, working together with ATN (computer optics/scopes) the FX Chrono could supply the velocity input for ATN scopes that already have a bluetooth distance measurement add-on (ABL). 


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