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Fun Field Target Shoot Gem City Outdoorsmen Club Aug 22 10:00

Forums Field Target Field Target Events Fun Field Target Shoot Gem City Outdoorsmen Club Aug 22 10:00

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    Gem City Outdoorsman club          First ever Field Target Fun Shoot.      Sunday    August 22        Start at 10:00

    10 station 20 target in the woods course.     No entry fee no prizes.  Winner will get bragging rights only.

     Few rules         only 177 20 or 22 calibers allowed     No protests with targets you get point for fallen targets only   20 fps or less airguns.

    you can use low seat with backrest for this first shoot      any magnification scopes allowed  but no click adjustments allowed on course

    This shoot is to promote airgunning at our club and for us to learn from shooters that enjoy shooting this sport for 

    the love of the sport not for the love of wining. I will implement rules on future shoots if needed.

                                                         We welcome knowledable shooters that can teach us this sport

                                                                  I will listen to advice if given     This is a fun shoot and learning experiance       JCS


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    Could you add an address?  What state?   Thanks.

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