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from reds , and now to the blues , and then black/cyber

Forums General Discussion from reds , and now to the blues , and then black/cyber

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    ..   where's all my red balls ?   i had more than ANYBODY ..   i was gonna use them on my christmas tree this year ..   and they'd sure warm me up now (it's COLD here in texas all of sudden) ..   hmm , those were pretty funny for the most part , and i miss em ..   now i got the blues (not the balls-type , just in general , yall) ..   ive been offline for a while – but the forum is still evolving and growing in a positive way from i can see here tonight ..    the most glorious time of the airgun year is upon us again , folks – BLACK FRI / CYBER MON !!     start saving up for that ..     – cheers , yall ..  – paul ..   ( afterthought :   maybe santa got my red balls , prolly wasnt Jesus …hmm..  seems everyone's going green these days – in more ways than one ..)   

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