Finished up on my Impact barrel tension mod.

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    Don't know how this thing can shoot any better but I just had to try and make the barrel a bit more stable. 

    So I made an adapter with an o-ring, out of Delrin, pretty much like the stock adapter at the rear of the shroud but no threads instead it just pushes into the carbon fiber tube and butts up against the trigger block.  Pretty simple way to do it.

    Then I modified an old damaged shroud adapter to fit in the carbon tube. Cut the tube a little long, about an eight of an inch, so when I tightened down the front shroud/barrel adapter it would pull forward on the barrel.

    It really werqed well the barrel is crazy stable now.  I have been careful not to over tighten it cuz it is pulling against the single set screw, holding the barrel, at the rear block.  Guess I will be adding a second set screw on the other side soon. I started this a couple months back but didn't have all the parts to make it look this nice.  So managed to hold off with the post until I got it all together

    Don't know how it's going to shoot I have some flu bug so with the exception of running through the fast food drive through I  am self quarantined for at least another week or so.  This is my second flu bug since the China Covid started.



    Modified shroud adapter for the front I ended up making the rear one out of Delrin.  Fairly thin walled one inch OD carbon fiber tube that I have had around for years just waiting for something like this.



    Looks good and the 700mm barrel doesn't droop or move around any more.


    Ernest did a similar mod a few weeks after I did mine.  Or at least he did a video on it then anyway no telling when he actually did the mod.






    looks nice bio ! always loved carbon fiber

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