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    Cut to the chase on this . . . (for those LQQKing for the Rules, they're at the Bottom of any Page) Rules & Terms

    I posted a post I shouldn't have. It was pointed out to me in a not a so direct manner that perhaps I shouldn't have made the post. Yes, I hear everybody pointing at the RULES regarding the nature of my post. 69 views… wonder how many accuracy penalties I earned . . .  I assure you I have read every word of the rules governing AGN. &  I have every intention of conducting myself within them.  I must admit it's been a while since I read the Rules and I was scanning or searching for material relating to whatever topic was occupying my mind at the time and didn't fully absorb some content.  

    Looking to reread the Rules, I've discovered they ain't easy to find. Reading thru some of the posts, It appears I'm not the only person who doesn't know where to look for them. I found them, and yeah, they're right there, right where they've always been. 

    No excuses, just an apology to anyone I may have offended.   and don't mind me . . .


                                                                        I'm just enjoying this glass of water with this foot I stuck in my mouth.

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