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    Hello comrades,
    I want to relieve some of my "life" and hope for your help and advice.
    I am fully aware that the most important "extra" is PRACTICE, but if we can relax … why not… ;) 

    1. I've taken an anemometer before – Chinese from AliExpress (yellow for about ~ $17) but as you expect I'm not very pleased … I want to combine it with Strelok Pro. The dilemma for me is: "WeatherFlow" or "Kestrel" solution for lack of cash?

    I guess the "Kestrel 5700 Elite Meter with Applied Ballistics" is the right choice for me … but it's very expensive … I need an air rifle only!

    I suppose I can use some other model from the company's range but I can not decide which one? I'm at least interested in displaying temperature, wind and, above all its wind direction as well as being able to combine it with Strelok Pro? Any tips?

    The other option is "WeatherFlow" it is more financially possible for me but here I wonder who is the right choice for me? It does not need a myriad of superfluous features but still shows me the necessary data and also I can combine it with Strelok Pro? Ideas?
    Or, "Caldwell Crosswind Professional Wind Meter"?

    2. Air rifle cleaning and servicing stand (no diy please) 
    I look at some like "MTM Gun Vice" or any "Tipton Gun Vise" or …?

    I do not know … there are a lot of types, but those that have many features are too expensive, given that it will only be a rifle stand … Ideas?

    (However, keep in mind that the guns will be Hatsan 125TX Vortex .22 and most likely FX Streamline .25. The first has a stock length of 85 sm (33.46 inches) and the second – https://www.airgundepot.com/fx-airguns-streamline-synthetic-pcp-air-rifle.html … ) 

    3. Shooting rest (no diy please) 

    I'm interested here for the one with the lock/fix front on the rifle like this: "Vanguard Porta-Aim Gun Rest" (https://www.uttings.co.uk/p110020-vanguard-quest-t62-3-in-1-tripod-bipod-and-gunpod-4719856228372/# .W23zO7gyVM7) Any ideas for other models or brands that are not very expensive?

    I like those who fix the whole rifle (at two points) but the ones I saw are too expensive for me…For the PCP there will not be much need for fixed But for my Hatsan I need …

    4. Pellet Sizers
    Here I am not very clear … if I take for example 5.5 mm it all from 5.51 to 5.54 will calibrate them in 5.5 or should I have for all sub-dimensional caliber? 

    "The Original TTS Pellet Sizers and Seating Tools for All Air Rifle Pellets" (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-Original-TTS-Pellet-Sizers-and-Seating-Tools-Tools/ for-all-air-rifle-pellets / 132043609188? var = 431865247446)?

    5. Cheap good air gun rangefinders for air rifle only

    ​​​​I have this one: "Binoculars Golf Laser Range Range Meter Rangefinder Range Finder hunting monocular meter 10×25 5-700m hunting LLL" from AliExpress (~ $100…wtf…) I was proposed by a colleague from our forum but Chinese is a Chinese ….

    First it writes "10×25 5-700 m" but comparing it with my optics – it is no more than 6X … Also apart from the distance there is a sign for the angle but it does not work….Also today I position the target at 50 yards – not read and then move the marker on the bushes then shows the distance ….

     "Halo" or something else? 

    6. Tripod for chronograph and Rangefinders  

    Both have an internal thread on the underside ( I think it is 1/4) . Any idea for a budget option for a tripod?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I made mine from plans I found searching the internet for "diy rifle cleaning stand". Many pictures. Also searching for "diy rifle rest" you can see many examples. I like the ones made from car scissor jacks. Good luck.

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    I made a stand for working on my rifles by putting two pieces of 3/4" plywood on the ends of a couple of 2×4's and cutting a V down the plywood by about 6" on one and 8" on the other. You can get as fancy on that as you like by adding a round over with a router or just adding some  thin carpet to it.

    I debated about various range finders between Simmons, ones on Amazon and others. I checked a few out at Cabelas and seeing them in person was the way to go. You can check the clarity, the ability to discern differences in distance when in low light and the accuracy.

    In the end, I liked the Nikon Aculon. I bought it in black, but then it went on sale a couple weeks later on camo for cheaper. It was like $150. I store it with the battery in it flipped end for end for my off months. 

    It has made a tremendous difference in my hunting, as I walked around for weeks using it to estimate yardage and then checked it with the range finder to see how close I was. I used it hunting, as it was easier to look for game with it's 6x power than holding up the rifle /score or using the naked eye. My shots were much more accurate, as I could check the yardage and then adjust for hold over. I got a rabbit last summer at 94 yards. It was a 5 MIL dot hold over. But without the range finder, I would not have been anywhere close. 




    Boomer, did you get a tilt-technology rangefinder?



    Thanks! For other question?

    No DIY please … 

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    1. "WeatherFlow" or "Caldwell Crosswind Professional Wind Meter"? for Strelok Pro

    2. Give advice what to write in Strelok Pro where should be filled for a barrel step and left – right for Hatsan 125 TH Vortex .22 ?

    3. In Strelok Pro what value of wind speed (and wind direction) should I fill out? The target or me, where do I shoot?

    4. Also what wind speed should I fill in Strelok Pro – Average or Maximum? Keep in mind that the wind is on gusts – from 0 to 3 m/s.

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