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    Seem like that AGN has become the "go to" airguns classifieds, at least for safe transactions.  Credit to the admins and  Michael, all the folks on the forum, 

    This success came at a price though…  The re-post interval was extended from 7 days to 2 weeks. Which means an item posted 1 week ago is back on page 7 and one posted 2 weeks is on page 14.  I personally do not go past pages 3-4 maximum. It takes too much time to move from page 1 to 14.  

    Some suggestions:

    1.  Expand the page to show more rows, maybe 50 or 100.

    2.  Expand page tabs on bottom so one can chose more pages instead of only the one before and after the current page.

    3.  Set the ads to auto-expire after 2 weeks, so people know when they can repost again.  this saves time for the mods also,

    OR:   Divide the classified into sections such as "PCPs, Optics, Springers,Misc, 

    OR: Use a drop-down menu box when posting an ad to select the type of item you are selling, such as PCP rifle, Air pistol, Accessories, etc.  And at the same time make the Classified searchable based on that same drop-down menu criteria: PCP rifle, Air pistol, Accessories, etc


    Thank you!

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