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    Please give a hearty welcome to Ernest Rowe, the legendary Bullpup tunner along with other PCPs. Most will have already heard the legendary name bandied about if not personally utilized his help online or directly. He has somehow managed to cold-steel his way through even the harshest critics of FX and other makers by self interested or envy ridden parties and naysayers galore. Earning universal respect even among them as a guy that just, well, tells it like it is… “Them just the facts ma’am.”  

    Like many here, I’ve been hungry for more details on how to get the most out of my Impact. Ted’s graciously shared Impact review, like all his videos, leaves one greedily wanting more as in details. Not a criticism. That’s just the nature of the beast when one puts out such well crafted, infectiously fun- full of valuable nuggets film clips. That’s where Ernest can help fill the void and then some. Be advised, I’m not a shill for him or anyone else for that matter. We’ve only exchanged a few e-mails and single phone conversation to date.  Just a novice PCP guy here searching for every tidbit I can find on the Impact. Ernest was one of the earlier recipients of a .30 Impact and he has been putting it through it’s paces and documenting his findings, including issues that FX has already addressed in subsequent shipments.  By no means is he limited to FX. Indeed, his goal is to help we owners tune, self-service and maintain our chosen platform as well as provide critical information to the gun makers to correct issues he finds in thier releases.  

    Here is the really good news! His valuable insights are scattered all over the net soon to be consolidated on his own site and the process has already begun. STILL Very much UNDER CONTRUCTION so please be patient.  Unlike last week, there are now videos present with much more to come. For some reason they are not playing in my Safari browser or even show on my iPhone, but work fine on Firefox. 

    ***Please be advised that dissembling your Impact will likely VOID your warranty and the authorized dealer will be able to tell.*** Tis your call. 

    His new site: 

    In the meantime, I have asked and received permission from Ernest to do some copying and pasting here specific to the Impact as I can find them. I will also link to his older youtube channel for those needing others. 


    Here is but one example that really helped me personally on getting the most out of my power wheel/velocities. 

    Tightening slack in PWR Wheel for his .30. I used this for my .25.  

    Ernest writes: 

    “A video to fine adjust the power wheel to get max fps for the .30 cal.

    factory setting at max before adjustment 855fps after adjustment 880fps with 45g.

    note: if you switch caliber to .22 or .25 the max power level is going to be to much —– so adjust the front VS adjuster to lower the power that is suited for the smaller cal. 


    And then there is this one adjusting the Valve spring tension knob. ( this will differ some with each barrel, no two are ever truly alike and for other calibers, naturally. 

    He writtes: 

    Here’s a detail in how the valve stem adjuster knob works for fine tuning;

    At current 150b regulated pressure on the guage and power adjuster wheel on Max and VS knob at 11.00mm out from the shoulder she max out at 860fps with 45g.

    The white line marker on the VS knob are just a reference line to me, if you go over 11mm caliper reading you will be wasting air in term you are loosing shot count, because your speed will no longer increase and your letting the VS open longer.

    I made a spacer at 11mm so I can set it at max position on the wheel at 860fps, I don’t need all that power and want it to max out at 800fps so I made another spacer at 10.52mm and turned the knob in till it stop on the spacer, now if some reason I want to go back to 860fps I use the 11mm spacer.

    With the spacer I don’t need a crony, using the line isn’t accurate enough—you could be off more the 1/2 turns using the line markers.

    I’m sure you can get great results using the line marker, I’m just using a technic that’s more accurate.

    If your gun is shooting vary accurately at a set speed and weight of pellet you can adjust the VS to the power wheel marker—let so #5—-now you know # 5 is 823fps !” 

    That’s just a prelude to what he has done with much more coming down the pike. My sincerest thanks to Ernest for his permissions and very fine work. That goes for Ted and all the you that have shared so much to make my venturing back into airguns so much easier and enjoyable!  




    Mr. Rowe is a blessing to any and all PCP owners!  He has an amazing gift and is more than willing to share it.

    Thanks Ernest

    Good Luck with the new site!!​​



    Looks like Ernest will be making a .30 Cal single shot tray available to allow one to shoot slugs in addition to having Impact O-ring kits. When last checked AOA did not yet have a full set of Impact O-rings to make available to the public. 

    He writes:  

    “watch this video in how I load a 115g slug, some details on size.

    a 7.77mm .30 WC slug was to tight to load.———7.69 mm OD slug fit nicely in the breech end of barrel fully inserted. 550fps in max that’s 77fpe

    a 7.77mm OD WC head size is too tight—- can’t even push it in the barrel with a rod–so unsafe to use the probe to load in the barrel to prevent damage or blockage. 

    chock end of the barrel bore is 7.45mm with my caliper” 



    This domain name expired on Dec 23 2016 01:36AM 



    There is nobody I would trust more to tune or fix my air guns and nobody whose opinion I respect as much as Ernest’s. 

    I wish Ernest would release his own brand of PCP rifle already instead of fixing the mistakes of others. It would probably be the best air gun in the world. 

    I’m surprised that one of the larger manufacturers hasn’t hired him already. Some of them clearly need his expertise and design advice. He knows exactly is good and bad about every PCP gun that matters….

    If Ernest was in charge of the Impact design and production for FX, they probably wouldn’t have all the issues. I know that the parts he machined for my Cricket will last forever compared to the original Kalibrgun parts which didn’t last a year. 

    It isn’t just his knowledge of how to make an air gun accurate and efficient, or all the help he gives people, or the massively helpful videos he makes for us on his dime, it’s the common sense he brings to the process. For example, using titanium instead of plastic on parts like a valve stem which gets struck by a hammer repeatedly, that’s the common sense many of the manufacturers lack.

    You wouldn’t find barrels held in place with soft brass fittings on any gun Ernest designed…. The only problem with Ernest is that there isn’t two of him….



    What happened to his site? Has Ernest changed his domain? 



    subbing – 

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