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    I have used FP-10 for years and have had good results. I can't swear it improves accuracy, but it seems only logical that it might prevent some fouling and prolong intervals between barrel cleaning. But, in my experience, it takes a lot more than 2 drops to lube 500 pellets.Obviously, you don't want them dripping wet with lube, but I use enough to saturate the foam pad in the bottom of the tin, and then keep only one layer of pellets in it, so I can depress or roll the pellet in the foam as I load. I don't count, but I guess it's 10-12 drops. The Hornady dry lube sounds attractive, think I'll try it. The less you handle lead, the better, and it's not always handy to wear gloves. 



    I basically wash and, (Krytec). lube to

    A: get all of the lead dust and shavings off the pellets, and

    B: the lube makes cleaning the barrel much quicker and easier, just a could of patches, two wet and two dry to clean 'er right up.

    Can't vouch for increased accuracy but clean pellets and bore might indirectly improve. My best 105 yd group so far has been just under an inch (.95-.97") with an average of around 1.2xx" with JSB 34gn MKII out of my Impact.

    I have photos of the plastic cup I use to clean the pellets in, (with Acetone), and it looks like someone shook a pepper shaker in the bottom of it after the pellets are poured out.

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