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Dream Marauder?

Forums PCP Airguns PCP Airgun – Discussion Dream Marauder?

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    I’ve done a lot of experimenting on my .22 Marauder. It’s my basic test platform before I do anything to my .25 marauder now. However I’ve always wondered just what I could really do to this rifle to make it the best it’d ever be. Of course there is one little problem my little list that follows faces.

    Marmot Militia barrel
    jdsairman B-rod Adapter
    Cut down air tube
    jdsairman 4500psi reg
    Talon tunes 480cc 250bar bottle

    Not sure how two regulators would function with one another since I currently use a Huma gauge block version and would like to keep it that way, and if I did have to use the jdsairman by itself I’m uncertain of exactly how I’d set the pressure and test it.


    United States
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    thats a neat list i only have a huma regulator installed and didnt like it so removed the huma. With the huma i lose a few shots and a noticeable loss in feet per second since my stock valve doesnt work well with the regulator.

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