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Double trouble, DUEL TUNE FWB-124

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    It's been 6 month's since I did my DUEL FWB-124 , Both in .177.,  124 (#A) I bought in the 70's. 124 (#B) is a SS #6123xx Santa Rosa.  As you Guessed about 5 years ago I picked up my go to air gun , cracked it pressed a shinny 8.1grain Beeman Silver Jet. Snuck out of the Garage to snipe the black bird that's eating the pipias. aim and a strange thunk ,not normal. the dead give away was the bird was still there. Upon Cargill inspection noted that white waxie stufg was coming from the vent hole. 

    At the time I didn't ever think about fixing it.  124 (#B) was acquired ABOUT 1 YEAR After my Frist 124 (#A) quit. A plain FWB-124 Not a dulux stock. Newer ss#6124xx. 90's maybe. PT# 1.


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    Dead Giveaway huh?

    Where do these Pi-pee-yas grow? I think you mean Papyas. Is there a new fruit?

     If you want a custom stock as I do for certain tuned springers, there’s a fellow named Michael Mckeown. His stocks are the ONLY ones I’ve ever seen designed that my tuned R1 would allow me to keep sight picture through shot. The man is a genuine genius IMO as he’s just an amazing fellow in all his doings. 

    I apologize for spelling joke. I’m honestly not sure though if you meant Papayas or where they even grow. I’m here to learn, about any & everything.

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    …you could put the delux stock onto the action that works.  the delux stock feels much better to me, especially the palm swell grip.  regular stock has a small grip and i had to add a limbsaver butt pad to make it have a longer length of pull. i have a delux 124 and a regular stocked one.  one fwb124 came in a bag – someone had taken it apart to fix it and it came with an ss2 scope in the box.  normally that piston seal runs $30, but they were on sale for $20, so i got 2 or 3 from macarri.   the guy ('chick – like a chicken' was how he said his name) did everything except to get all of the broken white piston seal gunk out of the air chamber, which is usually the hardest part of resealing one of these.  gotta dig and scape that all outta there.  that piston seal fits a little tight and it gets 800 fps with 8 grain.    i cant remember how i came into the delux 124, but it has some rust – but shoots faster (830's with 8 grain).  seems it was needing a rebuild too.  about a year ago, i resealed one for a guy that had every extra upgrade one could get from beeman at that time, and he had all the paperwork.  he came to pick it up and asked if i knew anyone that would just buy it……which was strange – i just fixed it.  i think he got some kind of bad news from the doctor or maybe his eyes were going out.  it had the equivalent of a beeman r1 laser tune kit (special tune, select walnut stock, 66r scope, williams sling, etc) and shot 860 – 870 fps with 8 grain, which is the fastest one ive seen.  i tried to get the guy to take a .25 cal crosman 2400kt , or anything that would be easier to shoot, but he refused.  i wish i could have afforded to keep that one, but sold it to a more serious airgun guy who instantly sent it for rebluing (it had rust spots).  it was an awesome stock and shot hard.  that guy was saying that they nickle plated the inside of the tube or air chamber…..the receipt from beeman said about $700, but that was back in the early 1980's.  it had rust on one side – looked like it was put away wet in the case.  i'll probably be selling one, so maybe i can afford the airgun show, where i always end up buying one or two.   best deals i have found are there – especially near closing time.        still cant recall how i got the fwb124d….hmmm….     – paul.

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