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    Very pleased with the Ronin on the Benjamin Bulldog….big reduction in the bark. I bought a db meter because I had to quantify the difference. I include a .22 Ruger Charger (10" BRL no suppression) for comparison as they're similar in loudness.  These are averages of 5 shots at each distance.  The 5' and 25'  positions are at a 90 degree angle away from the shooter even with the muzzle. The 60' is directly in front and the 20' directly behind the shooter.  Simply trying to get a feel for what was happening around me.  Your mileage may vary.  =)

                No Mod       Donny FL      Ruger Hi Velocity    Ruger CCI Quiet

     5'       109.4           103.6             109.1                      104.4

    25'       97.6              93.3             104.1                       98.7

    60'      102.5             92.6             105.4                       96.4

    20'       95.1              89.9             103.2                       94.2


    Not bad when considering a center fire PB is 160+ db. 





    I just put a Donnyfl Ronin on my FX Impact X .30cal with 700mm barrel

    As stock I was getting reading of 92-93db with the Fx LDC.  Using a Iphone app for readings

    I put the Ronin and and was getting reading 90ish.  Not really the sounds reduction I was hoping for.  

    So I started experimenting with the core wraps.  I tried some open cell foam…no change.

    I tried the material below, it is called spacer mesh.  I did a full wrap and readings dropped to 89ish.

    Hmm….my thought was the material wrap, felt, foam, and spacer mesh, is not allowing complete use of the volume of the cylinder.  I also figure that there is little cancellation of pressure waves in the cylinder because of the full wrap.

    So I tried the spacer mesh as show below.  I am guessing that this causes three pressure waves in the cylinder and they "run into each other" and cause some cancellation of the waves.  As show I am getting readings in the mid 84db.  All readings taken next to the rifle on the bench.  Rifle is shooting at full power.



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