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    The corvids are in full swing on one of my shooting permissions, especially Magpies.

    They are particularly active at the moment, nest robbing songbirds eggs eyc  – I’ve seen further evidence of hatchlings being ripped apart and killed on the ground. 

    Over here in the UK, Magpies and other corvids are on ‘General Licence’ as they are classified as pests / vermin. 

    I do my best to thin out their numbers but they are extremely wary with exceptional eyesight. 

    This one was taken at just under 25 yards, (earlier this morning), from a well concealed position, using my FX Wildcat .177
    I have recently switched over to H&N Barrauda Hunter 10.34gr. 
    They are a quality and very accurate hollow point, out to 40 yards (sub 12 FPE). 

    Now that I’ve worked out the Magpies patterns and movements, I shall hopefully be out again first thing, with the same rig…




    Excellent put down Sir w/ a sub 12 fpe rifle…



    Many thanks. 

    The ‘sub12’s’ certainly have their place when conducting pest control around farmyards, horse stables and outbuildings etc. 
    At this power level, (I’m running my FX Wildcat & Impact at approx 11.5 FPE), the shot count is huge and the report from the rifle is minimal. 

    I was at a countryside permission outside London a couple of weeks back and was able to clear about a dozens feral pigeons from the roof of a large stable area – the horses didn’t even look up as I squeezed off each shot.
    I was walking and then standing several feet away from them, shooting off the excellent Primos tripod. 

    If a decent soft lead hollow-point pellet is used, clean effective dispatches are made, with little ‘pass through’ which could otherwise cause damage to roofs and other structures.

    The landowner couldn’t believe how quiet and effective the rig was, suffice to say he has let me shoot over the rest of his land for rabbit and in the large wood for grey squirrel. 

    It’s a beautiful location – a gentle stream running along the green fields, as far as the eye can see. 

    I look forward to future visits over the summer. ?


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