Please help me learn my regulator…..

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    “Cliff_Allen”Thank you everyone for the help! Been slammed at work today so no time to follow up. I did have time to call AOA and they’re shipping me a new o-ring kit for the whole gun including the regulator so I hope to have that soon and get everything back together. I asked them what to use to lube the gun and the guy on the phone said any non petroleum based silicone but I’m wondering if someone can confirm for me if this would work or if there are any suggestions on what is a know lube to work with o-rings?

    Cliff Home Depot sells a small amount of plumbers silicone grease that works well on the O-rings. You can find it around the faucet kits.



    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I noticed no one commented on the ‘residue’ mention inside of the regulator housing.  I also have this and was wondering if anyone has experience and can comment.  I believe if the housing is aluminum, this is corrosion from moisture correct?  Brass brush to clean it out?  Any way to prevent?

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