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    The Spring Deep Woods Match was greeted with a possibility of rain and winds. Twenty shooters took the plunge and were lucky with the rain, but not the wind. We had gusts of 10+ mph winds that blew one way at the line and yet another way at the target. The course was intended as a warm up for the Cajins with a Troyer of 35.5, but the windy conditions increased the difficulty considerably, and is reflected by many of the scores.

     Many of the scores yes, but not one. Will Piatt (Open Class) shot an incredible 60/60 clearing the course for the second time at a Deep Woods Match. The next highest score was a 54/60, shot by Doug Vinson (WFTF). Hunter Class first place was won by Andy Burns with a very good 48/60. Great shooting guys! 

    One of the new targets on the range was a custom 18″ fox target, made by Paul Porch. A hit resulted in a slow descent and big bang and was favorably received by the shooters (at least those that knocked it down).

     After the shoot we all sat down to our locally famous fried chicken, bean and corn and potato salad and brownies (complements of Ms. Brenda). By then the sun was coming out and of course the wind backed off. I think everyone had a good time and the fellowship within the group was obvious.    

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