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daystate RW with regulator 😮

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    That's been done before last year or even prior.  I did it on mine (Bleu) but didn't get any improvement in accuracy, so I took it off.  It needs an inline plenum with that regulator to make good power, and even then it still in down on max power from stock.  Maybe for a .177 it would be good (John Bagakis won the 2020 CA State Hunter FT with a RW that had an inline Huma), but not for 25.4 grain .22 RD Monsters.  I did install a Huma in the  pressure tube  of my FT gun, a .177 Daystate Pulsar and that works great.  I get over 90 shots with an ES of 8 or less FPS.  Shoots just under 20 FPE with .177 RD Monsters at 815 FPS.

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