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    HI can someone please tell me about a  Day-state   RedWolf Safari for heavy power setup s  ,

    I Have been looking at the new Day-state Red-Wolf Safari  in .22 and .25 caliber . I see this year model is like 20% more power then last years and more efficient , So I am understanding it can get over 70FPE with out Tuning it with the tuner ,

    SO Now for my questions that I cant find , what is the opening where the MAG site ? and How deep are the Magizines , and has anyone shot slugs out of ART barrel here .


    OK so If they would work better then what I have Id sell my current set up  here is my  .22 and .25    30 cal  slug setups , so question can daystate out preform with slugs compared to what I have as I would sell my current Guns ,which I cant do easily I got every gun perfect , I am sure some here understand >?



    .22 cal

    ED-gun 22 R5m Long   68FPE  shoots slugs great accuracy [email protected]

    Taipan veteran long  38fpe  lowpower slug gun great out to 100y W /36 GR

    25 cal

    hatsan bt65 modded , 65fpe  shoots well for $

    EDGUN r5 super mag  75 fpe Great with pellets , fair at best with slugs super power  for 25 cal

    edgun lelya 25 low power slug gun good out to 100y  1.5moa  W/MP 35 gr  32FPE



    .257 cal

    airforce  168fpe good out to 450M  73 gr 94 gr and 108 gr great alot of power  likes anything heavy

    also 22 barrel , 32 inch ploly unchoked , 152FPE  but gun like tallker then me not a woods gun .



    30 cal

    edgun R5 super long   91fpe , 48 and 52 gr   good out to 300M , shoots 44 gr out to 200yd , shoots 50 gr out to 50 yds then wobble , shoots poly mag great





    Firstly you must understand the difference in the SAFARI is the electronics, the rest of the gun is basically the same.

    The new V2 board uses higher voltage capacitors so that the gun can be run at 92V to get the extra power, hence the new board also uses a 3S LIPO, 11.1V, not the old 2S 7.4 VOLT, it's a 4 pin connector not the old 3 pin.

    The Redwolf barrels are not designed to shoot slugs, but we have found some that it does shoot extremely well, these are the PROHUNTER slugs made in the UK. Laity on here has done extensive testing and the 22.8g works really well.

    Having said that it's no easier finding a slug that the FX slug liners shoot well either and they are designed for slugs.

    I only use the single shot tray and see no point shooting slugs from a magazine anyway, but I suspect the lighter slugs or maybe upto 26g would work in the mag I can try them.



    As Spray1Mark said , I use Pro hunter slugs to green effect , they work a treat in my gun , this is not to say that they will work in every Red Wolf mind , We had bene through a good few slugs to find one that worked with my gun . I am running these 22.8 grain slugs at 944 fps and they drill at 130 yards all day . I am trying  the 28 grain slugs as soon as they make some more








    OK thanks ,, I  think I may be better off with my guns as , My multi shot guns have deep mags in 22 , I shoot 34 to 38 grain slugs I make ,

    in 25 cal I use mostly  48 to 55 gr

    and 30 cal , I love my 48 and 52 gr but I also make them  in the 60s


    I am not a fan of lite slugs ,I guess you guys saying they very finicky and shoot the ligher slugs better single shot , I do love the depth of the Taipan and edgun mags as I can use 99% of all my slugs in them , 

    I am aware the new safari is same gun with upgraded circuit board and barrel , I never tried the redwold HP so this is why I had asked .I never heard of prohunter slugs . , Can the 22 gun  get 70fpe??? or more with settings in the programming I see you shooting the slugs at like 45fpe , I saw in 22 it had said 65fpe ? is you gun stock programming ? are you on hi power at this speed? please let me know thanks , I looked at guns to  see if they had more power then my current setups  for a bit faster shooting

    Please post pictures of prohunter slugs or web site please

    I am shooting  these speeds with slugs

    22 cal  36 gr    900fps

    30 cal  52 grr  910fps

    I would love to shoot a bit faster with low harmonics , and I figured a electric valve may be much less violent electronically then  say a regulator and hammer weight ,LOU



    We have tried several Nielson slugs while testing the newest production 25 barrels in AZ. The 34.7 gn shoots 940 on Hi pwr… virtually identical in velocity and group size to the JSB King Heavy MKIIs…… which is very good at 100. The other slugs tested were pretty good, but not sub moa. Haven't tested yet beyond 100 as they are quite expensive and haven't arranged my shooting range for that yet. Soon, though.

    The rifles can generate the power in 22, but they are not ART barrels and are choked a bit more so slugs MAY not be as good. I don't think the 22s will come set as high because the Jumbo Beasts haven't shot well in much of anything yet and they typically set the powers for the intended use.

    The magazines are still the same across the HP line.




    thank you , I make my own slugs as I shoot alot some days 500 or so  I cant pay $20 for 100 , this is more then 22 rimfire , I was thinking once big companies like HN and JSB make them they should be closer to pellet pricing

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